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Marinated grape leaves

Grape bushes give their beautiful grape fruits, which are used in a wide variety of food industries. But what about the big and beautiful leaves of the vine? Due to the specific favorable climatic conditions in Uzbekistan, grape leaves are very delicate and thin, and have a unique taste.


It is impossible to imagine any Asian-Eastern, and even South European cuisine without the use of grape leaves in the main meat dishes.


The harvest of fresh grape leaves is in the summer during the flowering of vine, and the most beautiful and tender whole leaves. After that, the leaves are washed with cold water, placed in large containers with water and salted in a special marinade with a small amount of salt and spices.


Thus, these leaves can be consumed at any time of the year, not only in the seasonal summer.


Marinated grape leaves retain their beneficial properties and they are rich in copper, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus. They are considered to be an effective remedy for constipation, and show high efficiency against diabetes, which lowers blood sugar levels.


Perhaps the most world-famous use of these leaves is Dolma (stuffed cabbage rolls in grape leaves), where the vine leaves give a savory sweet and sour taste to the meat dish. This dish can be found on the menu of almost all oriental restaurants, as well as in the Black Sea and Mediterranean cuisine.

Storage of marinated grape leaves:

Storage conditions- in a dark place, with a temperature regime of +6 to +16 C
Shelf life of 12 months (when stored at the recommended temperature)

Characteristics of Marinated Grape Leaves:

  • Not damaged, whole leaves; the color is  green (dark to light) with a typical odor and a sour-salty taste.

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