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Organic dried apricots

Apricot gardens of Uzbekistan are the symbol and pearl of the Fergana Valley, where the specific climate and location of this region create favorable conditions for the growth of a unique product that has already become popular and famous all over the world – dried apricots from Uzbekistan.


The apricot Uzbek variety is Subkhona, which grows in our gardens, and has the difference in all characteristics of its taste from dried apricots of other origins like Turkish or Iranian.


The dark brown color differs from regular very bright orange dried apricots, because it is grown without any chemicals or processing; which makes this product especially useful and very sweet. This fruit is organic, environmentally friendly and all the taste qualities of this product are a clear difference from other countries of origin of this product. Organic apricots wholesale from Uzbekistan to all over the world.


Dried apricots come from apricots (dried apricots with kernels). In order to keep the fruits intact, the apricots are dried naturally, after which the kernel is carefully removed without damaging the skin of the berry and maintaining its round and beautiful, not damaged shape. Indeed, the main feature of agriculture in Uzbekistan is natural drying (solar and shady are used and no stoves and fires, as well as other technological devices are used), which affects the quality, appearance and preservation of many useful trace elements and vitamins. It is very important that Uzbek dried apricots have their high prevalence among cardiac patients. Use two dried apricots in a day and forget about a sick heart!


In addition, not a single solemn feast goes without bright dried apricots on the table; beautiful Uzbek dried apricots decorate many tables at all events.

Storage of organic dried apricots

Storage conditions: Keep in dry, dark place, with temperature +4 to +16 and relative humidity 65%
Shelf life – 12 months (have to be stored at the recommended temperature).

Characteristics of Organic dried apricots Subhona

Dried apricots Whole, Pitted:

  • Whole dried apricots, round, calibrated for direct consumption, confectionery
  • Dark brown
  • Sun dried
  • Packing in cardboard boxes 10 kg
  • Origin Uzbekistan

Diced dried apricots:

  • Diced dried apricots of the Subhona variety, white fur because of organic rice flour prone to caking
  • Dark brown with white fur
  • Sizes- 10х10; 8х10 мм
  • The usage:  cereals, pastries, baby food, muesli and snacks.
  • Origin Uzbekistan

The product is also available as organic – certified according to European standards EC 834/2007

Our Certificates

Terms of delivery

Current season crop
Delivery time from 14 to 45 days, depends on place of destination
Delivery volume 20 tons net
Tilt truck or 40 container

Production process

Entrance control



Air-bubble washing

Drum/brash washing

Drying up


Dosing in cardboard boxes 10 kg


Metal detector


Storage in a cold warehouse

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