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Apricot kernel, differs from almonds in size, shape and taste. The almond on a shade of taste resembles a nut, and at an apricot kernel it is possible to notice a fruit aftertaste. In size, it is slightly smaller than almonds, and in shape – rounder. But the main difference between the apricot kernel and almonds is the price, which is an order of magnitude lower!
However, apricot kernel very often resemble with shape and size to almonds, that sometimes it very difficult to find any difference. Therefore, its nuclei take on a shape and size, more and more approximate to almonds. To distinguish them at times can only be the exacting look of an expert or a great lover.
Scientists made a sensational discovery – it turned out that apricot kernel can stop the growth of cancer cells and prevent the appearance of this disease! In addition, they contain a huge amount of microelements and vitamins, which have a positive effect on the work of all body systems. True, when used, it is worth considering that they contain hydrocyanic acid, which in large quantities can cause poisoning the body. With moderate use, the nucleoli will only benefit!

To order apricot kernel in bulk or at retail from producer Sunny Fruit many entrepreneurs who work in the food industry want. It is easy to understand: among the population there is a huge demand for this product, because it can be consumed both in its pure form and in various desserts such as kozinaki, apricot kernels in sugar syrup, cakes. And oil from the of apricot kernels is a secret weapon of women in the fight against many imperfections of the skin and hair.
Buy apricot kernel from Uzbekistan in our company can be at any time of the year – we guarantee their freshness, beautiful appearance and taste. Reliable packaging allows you to transport large quantities of goods over long distances, keeping it unchanged. As a result, you get the opportunity to become a supplier of a delicious, environmentally friendly and affordable product that is so in demand that it does not need advertising!


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