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Apricot kernels

Apricot kernels have become more and more valued among nuts not so long ago. Dried apricots, pitted, have already conquered many hearts, but what about the kernels that are taken out of dried apricots? The kernels of which are very rich in minerals, acids and oils. After the kernel is taken out of the apricot and the shell is pricked, there is a kernel inside, an apricot kernel.


The apricot variety Subhona, which grows in our Uzbek gardens, differs in all characteristics of its taste from the apricot of other origin like Turkish or Iranian. Therefore, sweet and tasty kernels come out from Uzbek dried apricots.


Due to favorable conditions for its flowering and growth; Uzbek apricot kernels are tasty and have the presence of a considerable oiliness, which is often used for cold pressing oil in many European countries. So, in our company, wholesale guaranteed quality of raw apricot kernels sweet/bitter for oil extraction from Uzbekistan to all over the world.


The stone is rich in fatty acids, so apricot kernel oil is added to creams, face tonics, soaps, body and face scrubs, etc. Well known that, Italian liqueurs are flavored with apricot kernels extract, most often using a bitter ones. Moreover, the consumption of apricot kernels from Uzbekistan considerably helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Storage of Apricot kernels:

Storage conditions: Keep in dry, dark place, with temperature +10 to +15 degree
Shelf life – 12 months (have to be stored at the recommended temperature).

Characteristics of apricot kernels

Sweet apricot kernels

  • Type – shelled, natural almonds
  • Fraction – natural, unselected, kernel
  • Packaging – 20 kg PE/PP bags
  • Origin – Uzbekistan

Bitter apricot kernels

  • Type – shelled, natural almonds
  • Fraction – natural, unselected, kernel
  • Packaging – 20 kg PE/PP bags
  • Origin – Uzbekistan

The product is also available as organic – certified according to European standards EC 834/2007

Our Certificates

Terms of delivery

Current season crop
Delivery time from 14 to 45 days, depends on place of destination
Delivery volume 20 tons net
Tilt truck or 40 container

Production Process

Receiving of raw materials to the production


Seeds drying up


Vibrating sieve

Kernel Sorting

Calibration gaging

Weigh verification


Metal detector



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