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Dried apricots, from which the stone was removed and dried in the sun or in the shade. Dried apricots from Uzbekistan are made only of the ripe and beautiful fruits of apricot, the yield of which is increasing every year.
Saturated orange colors, an ideal shape, absence of any defects on the surface of this dried apricot make it the product that can decorate a festive table. In addition, we cannot fail to note the pleasant smell and, of course, the excellent taste of dried apricots of the highest grade subkhona, which can please both adults and children.
The Uzbek selected dried apricots is made with observance of all sanitary norms, carefully packed and carefully transported to the destination. Deciding to buy dried apricots from Uzbekistan, you cannot worry about its safety in the process of transportation. Each fruit is processed by special safe substances, which help the dried apricots to preserve their beautiful color, and shape, and taste good. As a result, buyers from neighboring countries receive fresh and quality dried fruits, which you can vary your table all year round.

In large dried apricots subhona contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, natural safe sugars, antioxidants. Its frequent consumption contributes to strengthening the cardiovascular and nervous systems, positively affects digestion and overall health.
In the company “Sunny Fruit” you can buy dried apricots from Uzbekistan in bulk, being sure of its high quality. Our company is an internationally recognized producer of dried apricots and supplier of dried fruits of all sorts. For several years of work we have a lot of partners, each of which can give only a positive feedback about our products!
Our company can also produce diced apricot subhona. The pieces of apricots are 10X10 mm, which are processed by rice flour. The decide apricots are widespread in the confectionery production, also, for produce of muesli and so on.


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