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Абрикосовая косточка оптом из Узбекистана

Apricot kernel

Apricot kernel, differs from almonds in size, shape and taste. The almond on a shade of taste resembles a nut, and at an apricot kernel it is possible to notice a fruit aftertaste. In size, it is slightly smaller than almonds, and in shape – rounder. But the main difference between the apricot kernel and almonds is the price, which is an order of magnitude lower!


Слива Венгерка купить оптом из Узбекистана

Dried prunes

Prunes from Uzbekistan earned recognition in Russia, Europe, and other foreign countries.
Sunny Fruit can confidently ensure that the prunes we produce are one of the best competitors. Like the rest of dried fruits from Uzbekistan, it is an environmentally friendly product, which only benefits the body. Unlike the mass production of prunes by other producers, we carry out everything manually, which, of course, positively affects the quality of the finished product.


Кишмиш черный Джамбо оптом из Узбекистана

Black Raisins

Black raisins from Uzbekistan is the record among other varieties of dried grapes for the content of useful substances. The careful treatment of berries during harvesting and drying allows us to uncover all of its rich taste in a suit and preserve an attractive appearance without the use of any chemical dyes or preservatives. Its taste is always sweet – it is this variety that categorically does not allow the presence of a taste of bitterness, acid or other extraneous tastes.


Изюм Голден оптом из Узбекистана

Golden Raisins

Amber color, an ideal shape and a stunning smell make this raisin variety an indispensable thing in the kitchen. Not only in Central Asia, but also far beyond its borders, golden raisins from Uzbekistan are used in cooking as an excellent addition to desserts and unsweetened dishes.
Not many people know, but yellow dried grape berries without pits are more correctly called kishmish, and not raisins. This also applies to the kishmish variety “Golden”. The second name was given to yellow raisins because it lacks bones. This is another undeniable plus of this dried fruit, for which it is valued.


Курага оптом из Узбекистана

Dried Apricots

Dried apricots , from which the stone was removed and dried in the sun or in the shade. Dried apricots from Uzbekistan are made only of the ripe and beautiful fruits of apricot, the yield of which is increasing every year.
A saturated orange color, an ideal shape, absence of any defects on the surface of this dried apricot make it the product that can decorate a festive table. In addition, we can not fail to note the pleasant smell and, of course, the excellent taste of dried apricots of the highest grade “subkhona”, which can please both adults and children.


Органическая курага оптом из Узбекистана

Organic Dried Apricots

Apricots are grown on mineral-rich soil without the use of harmful fertilizers. After harvesting, the specialists of our company select the largest and ripe fruits without defects and send them for drying. Drying is natural. During this, no fumigation with sulfur dioxide or treatment with soda.
As a result, we get a really high-quality product. Organic dried apricots from Uzbekistan have a characteristic brown color and a lot of useful properties.


Изюм султана оптом из Узбекистана

Raisins sultana

The raisin of the “sultan” in Uzbekistan is one of the most famous varieties of dried fruits. But his fame has crossed far beyond the borders of the republic, and now throughout the world our country is known as a reliable exporter of this delicious product. The price of raisins of Sultana variety when buying it in our company is much more attractive than the cost of a similar purchase abroad.




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