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Golden raisin variety

Raisins Golden – well known as “Kalifar” in Central Asia – are dried grapes. There are a huge number of varieties of raisins, as it depends on the type of grapes and drying methods.This type of raisins calls Golden because of its golden-yellow color.


In general, Golden raisins originated from the Thompson white, seedless grape variety, which is grown in our country in the Ishtikhan and Urgut districts of the Samarkand region. Raisins are dried on average 12-25 days.


Sun dried of raisins takes place under the radiant sun and reaches a temperature of 40-60 degrees, which corresponds to the unique properties of the climatic conditions of Uzbekistan.


Despite the fact that its beautiful appearance, Golden raisins have many useful and medicinal properties, for example, raisins are very sweet with sour, but at the same time control blood glucose levels. It is rich in iron and fiber and helps in lowering blood pressure.


Always this variety is in high demand and has become increasingly popular among bakeries and culinary in general; Uzbek Golden Raisins has a sweet taste with sourness and goes well with different products, and also decorates the festive table very beautifully with its rich color. Today, there is no one a bun with raisins without our beautiful golden raisins, which are exported in bulk worldwide from Uzbekistan, accordingly all international quality standards.

Useful properties of Golden raisins

Raisins are dried grapes, but still retain a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. Raisins contain a lot of sugar, they are delicious and nutritious; which is perfect for replacing sweets, besides, raisins are rich in iron, calcium and B vitamins. This is a great way to boost immunity, especially in the winter season.

The usage of Golden raisins:

  • bakery
  • bread bakery products
  • candies
  • porridge / muesli
  • fruit paste
  • muesli and yogurt
  • confectionary

Storage of Golden Raisins “Kalifar”

torage conditions: Keep in dry, dark place, with temperature +10 to +16
Shelf life – 12 months (have to be stored at the recommended temperature)

Characteristics of Golden Raisins "Kalifar"

  • Color golden yellow; according to the international classification – type No 11 gold (“golden”)
  • Sizes:
    • standard – the number of berries 280-330 per 100 grams,
    •  jumbo – the number of berries up to 200 per 100 grams,

  • Sun or shade dried (natural drying without usage of chemicals and technical devices)
  • Origin Uzbekistan
  • Packing in cardboard boxes of 12.5 kg net, according to all food industry standards
  • 100% RTU (ready to use from the box)
  • Non GMO

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Delivery time from 14 to 45 days, depends on place of destination
Delivery volume 20 tons net
Tilt truck or 40 container

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