Prunes wholesale from Uzbekistan

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  • Organic
  • Non-GMO

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Prunes from Uzbekistan

Prunes are well known to be very popular, obtained from the dried fruits of dark plums. There are a lot of varieties of prunes, it all depends on the type of plum and its origin. Uzbekistan is rich in prunes of the Hungarian variety; and known as the most delicious of dried fruits from the Hungarian variety.


Delicious, soft pitted prunes have a beautiful round shape. Only the whole and intact berries are selected for drying plums, then in order to keep the fruits whole, not damaged, the plum is dried in a natural way, after which the stone is carefully removed without damaging the skin of the berry and maintaining its round and beautiful shape.


Our prunes are grown in the ecological and most favorable climatic conditions of Uzbekistan, therefore our prunes from Uzbekistan are widely used in all industrial confectionery products. Moreover, prunes have become more popular in cooking, its sweet and sour taste complements any dish, not only meat dish, but also confectionery. It is shown that manufacturers of chocolate products, trusting our quality, widely use our Uzbek prunes, for its natural sweet taste and guaranteed high quality of the product.


Prunes are not only tasty but also a healthy product for the human body. Serves as diuretic, helps with constipation, amend cholesterol levels and cleanses the body of harmful substances.

Characteristics of Prunes:

  • Variety – Hungarian, pitted
  • Size-70/80
  • Grade – A
  • Sund dried
  • Origin Uzbekistan
  • Packing in cardboard boxes of 10 kg net, according to all food industry standards
  • 100% RTU (ready to use from the box)
  • Non GMO

Our Certificates

Terms of delivery

Current season crop
Delivery time from 14 to 45 days, depends on place of destination
Delivery volume 20 tons net
Tilt truck or 40 container

Production process

It comes to us for processing (input control)

Primary washing

Bone removal (upon receipt of raw materials with a bone)

Water-air flushing

Drum washing

Thermal drying after washing

Calibration (sort by size)

Dosing in boxes (10 kg each)

Control weighing

Final packaging

Metal detector control

Marking and storage in a refrigerated warehouse before shipment

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